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Beechwood Farms (412) 963-6100 - OPEN: Tues.- Sun. 9-5pm
Buffalo Creek Nature Park (724) 295-3589 - OPEN: Tues.- Sun. 9-5pm
Succop Nature Park (724) 586-2591 - OPEN: Tues. - Sat. 12-5pm

Bird Feeders and Supplies

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Absolute II Hopper Feeder
Type:  Bird Feeders
Price: $117.70

Bird Food

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10# Beechwood Blend
Type:  Birdseed
Price: $13.90
40# Beechwood Blend
Type:  Birdseed
Price: $46.00
20# Black Oil Sunflower
Type:  Birdseed
Price: $31.02
40# Black Oil Sunflower
Type:  Birdseed
Price: $56.70
Finch Mix
Type:  Birdseed
Price: $22.46
Patio & Deck Mix
Type:  Birdseed
Price: $22.46
Woodpecker Mix
Type:  Birdseed
Price: $24.60
12 oz. High Energy Suet Cake
Type:  Bird Food
Price: $2.73
Whole Peanuts in the Shell 10#
Type:  Birdseed
Price: $26.71
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